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UNITED FORCES comic book

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A cemetery caretaker’s midnight shift goes sideways when a dead man rises from his grave to give him a magical orb and a mission, to deliver the glowing orb to his Grandson Victor. Only two things stand in his way, Victor Vetika is a reclusive world famous singer and he currently resides in Enasni Hospital for the criminally insane for murdering a group of fans at one of his sold out shows. As he travels to Enasni Hospital the caretaker discovers he is being stalked by the dead.

Art & writing by Gary Dufner & Phil Avelli

Sneak Peak

a little history

United Forces was a combined concept that Gary Dufner and Phil Avelli were working on before they knew it was to eventually to become. The two friends met in art college in NYC (School of Visual Arts) and would draw silly pictures of themselves wielding weapons and killing things.

While Avelli worked on his own comic book Leaf, Dufner started putting their characters in comic stories as “Gary ‘n Phil” and eventually titled it “United Forces”, after the love of the band S.O.D. and their famous song.

about the artists

Gary Dufner

After art school Dufner has fronted many metal bands and his current project is Vetika. He currently teaches drawing and photography online for the Los Angeles Film School. He is also producing his own puppet show “Sock You!” with his LA Film colleague Tim Motter. He helps Motter with his own creation “Space Pirates of the Crab Nebula”. Every Tuesday night you can find Dufner on the YouTube show “Draw Drink’n Social Hour” on Youtube and Facebook Live.

Phil Avelli

After art school Avelli has worked in the entertainment distribution field. He currently writes and draws a few comic books “Leaf“, and “Horror Island”. He is also working with Monarch comics as a marketing consultant with Blake Seals with his comic “Evil Monkey man” and other titles. “Every Tuesday night you can find Phil Avelli on the YouTube show “Draw Drink’n Social Hour” on Youtube and Facebook Live.


issue #4

Phil Foulda makes his way to Enasni Hospital to bestow Victor Vetika’s inheritance. Bonus: 6 page story from N Blake Seal of Evil Monkey Man in back of comic.

issue #3

Phil Foulda learns about Victor Vetika and gets a lot more than he bargains for. During a brief rest, Phil finds out that he can’t trust strangers so easily.


While Phil Foulda is still battling the super natural. A beautiful visitor with ulterior motives swings by to check on Victor but they both get a violent visitor that leaves Victor knocked out and dreaming of things to come.


A dead man makes his last journey as he bestows a magical secret to the first human he comes across. Phil Foulda is a grave yard caretaker, but extraordinary circumstances have led him to supernatural trouble. Victor Vetika resides in an insane asylum for a felony he doesn’t remember committing. A beautiful visitor with ulterior motives swings by to check on Victor.



on YouTube: Draw Drink’n Social Hour



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